The most famous archipelago in Arctic Norway is the Lofoten Islands, known for their breathtaking natural landscapes, which include majestic mountains, dramatic fjords, and pristine beaches. Additionally, they are renowned for their fishing heritage, midnight sun, and outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, kayaking, boating, and biking. The archipelago’s less-visited neighbor, Vesterålen, exudes a more tranquil atmosphere. A bit further to the northeast lies wild Senja, the second-largest island in Norway. Senja offers awe-inspiring views of steep cliffs and crystal-clear waters. It is characterized by dramatic mountains, with ridge-following hiking trails that lead to breathtaking panoramic views.

Together with our son Jesper (3) and daughter Tuva (1), we biked from Tromsø, following three Norwegian National Scenic Routes, which took us through all three destinations. We spent 18 days in the “land of the midnight sun,” ensuring ample time to complete the almost 600-kilometer-long route, with about 5,500 meters of elevation. Along the way, we visited many beaches and playgrounds so our kids could have a great time. We also had several resting days during which they could choose what they wanted to do.

During our biking holiday, we also enjoyed a few evening hikes. The feeling of standing on top of a mountain at midnight while the sun is still shining brightly, gazing out over pointy peaks, white sand beaches, and the ocean, is overwhelming.

For us, it was important to have energy left at the end of the day so we could give Jesper and Tuva the attention they needed. Therefore, we used electric bikes, and we stayed in cabins, vacation homes, and hotels. We were also incredibly lucky with the weather, which remained excellent throughout almost the entire journey. It was a family expedition adventure to be cherished and remembered!



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